Montana Folks

Charles PattenAl GrandchampOlen Raisland Peggy WhiteMarrion BrittonBob O'BillErik GustafsonJack SchwendJack RoanBlanche HardingSam HoferLoyd Ketchum



When the publisher first contacted me about this project, I was thrilled. The possibility of just meeting and talking to these interesting and varied people was exciting. When you add being able to photograph these individuals and express their personalities and their lives through the tones of black and white photographs, I jumped at the chance.  From the beginning, I knew I needed to make these images in the homes and environs of the subjects. I wanted to include as much information about these people as possible within the photograph, to convey a sense of the lifestyle of the individual. An important part of the process was my interaction with the subjects. Our conversations were important in gathering insight into personalities and interests as well as allowing the subject to feel more at ease with the process of being photographed. The fascinating experiences and numerous accomplishments these people had fit into their lives continually stunned me. All of these people exhibited hard work and dedication not just to their vocation but also to their lives. That commitment is what I have come to associate with Montana folks.