New Obsessioin


I got a new iphone for Christmas and have become obsessed with the camera and many available apps.  I am always looking for new apps and love the many options for changing the look of the images I capture.  Last year I worked on a 52 week project and made a new photograph every week for the whole year (you can see all these on my Facebook page).  It was quite fun and really got me thinking in a new direction about photography.  I have for many years made images as a kind of visual diary of things I have seen and things that have happened.  I nearly always have a camera with me so making a photograph when the opportunity happens is not to big of a deal.  I mostly used a pocket digital point and shoot camera which is both handy and versatile but it was always at least a month till I downloaded the photos and made notes which I had usually forgotten.  With the iphone I can not only make the photos, viagra sale ask I can add info and notes about the photos, cialis edit, enhance and send the photos to any number of sites or people I think would be interested.  It is so great I can make photos as I see them and later on in the day as I wait for the boys or between jobs I can make note, process and send!   I am going to try to post daily photos on my tumblr site.  Check them out, drop a comment see what I have seen.

When I Let the Dog Out


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