Montana Folks Book

When I was first contacted about this project I was thrilled. The possibility of just meeting and talking to these interesting and varied people was enough. the addition of being able to photograph these individuals and trying to give an impression of what their lives and personalities are like was something I was excited to attempt.

For the most part, my artistic photography up to that point had focused on the Montana landscape and urban landscape. From the beginning I knew I needed to make these images in the homes and environs of the subjects. I wanted to include as much information about these people as possible to convege a sense of the life and lifestyle of the individual.

A very important part of the process was the interaction I had with the subjects I was photographing. Our conversations were important in letting me gather insight into personalities and interest as well as allow the subject to feel more at ease with the process of being photographed.

Throughout the project I was stunned by the fascinating experiences and numerous accomplishments these people had fit into their lives. All of these people exhibited the hard work and dedications not just to their vocation but their lives that I have come to associate with Montana.

Montana Folks discovers the spirit of the state through the lives of some of Montana’s many interesting and inspiring people.